Final Thoughts On The #MeToo Movement

My Weekend In New York

Thanks for all your emails and support after my email last week! It means the world to me and I have a few final thoughts to share on the #metoo theme.

I was in New York last weekend attending an event hosted by my friend and colleague Emily Williams from I Heart My Life. Then I attended a bigger event hosted by the fabulous ladies who run BossBabe.

The whole weekend was intense, but great! “New York City” intense….fast, crowded, and loud.

Aside from intensity, if there was a theme to my trip, it would have to be transparency and vulnerability. At both events I heard and witnessed several women stepping up and sharing their stories of loss, assault, abuse and gut-wrenching tragedy.

Their stories were moving and very powerful, and it really hit home for me that every woman has a story. And more often than not our stories are not very pretty.

Christine Blasey-Ford & Brett Kavanaugh

Brave, Courageous, #MeToo, Cori Burchell, Share your story, successWhile I was in New York, the decision was made to approve Justice Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court of America. This was probably the most “triggering” event for me personally, because I too share a similar story to Christine Blasey-Ford … not only suffering through a sexual assault, but then telling your story in a court of law and being humiliated by the response. Being told that “we believe you” … but we’re not going to hold your assaulter accountable. Laughter ringing in my ears long after the bruises faded away.

I’ve read so many disturbing comments online from women who wondered why Christine Blasey-Ford didn’t come forward sooner. I won’t pretend to know her reasons or get into the PTSD that occurs immediately after an assault. But I can attest to the fact that even if you do come forward, tell the truth and your story, the institutions that are supposed to protect and uphold the law often let us down. I’m sure she feels, as I did, even more traumatized by the court proceedings than her actual assault.

This doesn’t mean we should stop speaking out or sharing our stories. In fact the opposite is true. It’s time for more women to be courageous and brave and tell the stories of what has happened in our lives.

Our additional responsibility as women is to support our sisters who do speak up. To not vote against the truth with backwards logic and politics.


Brave, Courageous, #MeToo, Cori Burchell, Share your story, success

What Does This Mean For Women?

This isn’t a letter about tragedy. My biggest takeaway from my weekend in New York is that there is a sisterhood of women who are willing to take their personal tragedies and use them as the fuel for their success. Women that are willing to speak out, get help, get support and then triumph.

I learned from 8 young women who were all millionaires (ranging in age from 26 to 33)! They all had stories that could be defined as tragic. But these women were not willing to be silenced by their difficulties. They were not willing to let their past define their future.

I know that you have a story too, and it’s highly possible that it’s not a pretty one.

Don’t let your story become anything more than that, a story from your past. Do the work to heal first, and then share your story and support other women doing the same. Heal, forgive, and use your story for your success. 

Use all the pain, disappointments and tragedy as fuel for your success and inspire other women.

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