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It's time to leave your ordinary life behind and create an extraordinary one with unlimited impact and income.

I will show you the exact blueprint to your 6-figure business this year

If you're ready to stop dreaming and to starting living, you're in the right place. 

Starting your own business is the most exciting move you can imagine making, much more passionate than the safe, secure job you're currently in.  You will stretch and grow in ways that are never going to be possible in a corporate environment.  Your friends and family will tell you it's risky to leave a safe, secure job for the unknown of being an entrepreneur. But I give you permission to think a little differently. To learn where true financial security comes from.  To open a door to unlimited income opportunities that are only available to you within your own business.


You'll learn how to create a profitable online business that can make $100K or more. We keep it simple and don't do  overwhelm. You'll decide on your niche, build a unique and authentic brand, create packages that attract your high-ticket, ideal clients and sell with ease. You'll learn how to have the mindset of an entrepreneur and get support and accountability so that this dream business of yours becomes a reality.

What we do...

I'm a former Cosmetics corporate executive, turned freelance Costume Designer ...  turned Life and Business Coach. I coach women who are ready to get untrapped by their 6-figure salary and follow their dreams to an online business that creates wealth, recognition and impact. My clients are creating a legacy for their daughters, nieces & girls all over the world

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Deciding to start a new business is one of the most exciting decisions you can make but it's also easy to get lost in overwhelm or to exhaust yourself with too much hustle. Hiring a Coach is your first smart CEO decision to make. Get the support and accountability you need to succeed faster and with less stress. Learn more below.


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“Cori has truly helped me take a huge step forward in building my  coaching business...”

- KATE M, Health coach


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