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The Second Act coaching program is for women who are ready to elevate their life and use their Wisdom to create Wealth



Have you been living your life like it’s a book with only one chapter?

The introduction was great, we started to get to know the leading lady  ... but then the story doesn’t seem to go where we hoped it would go.  And we all know that in every successful film or novel, the Second Act is where the story gets juicy!

Perhaps this is you ...
Safe secure job ... check
Nice house, nice car, nice clothes ... check check
Deep meaningful work that lights you up, makes a difference in the world and brings in lots of money ... Hmmm. Not so much.
You might find yourself feeling unfulfilled in your career and not liking the options that you see ahead of you.  Did you know that recent statistics show that more women are experiencing this unsettling feeling earlier in life than ever before. It's not uncommon to find women 35 and 40+ asking themselves "Is that all there is"?

Are you telling yourself that it’s too late for you or your too old to to do what really lights you up? (News flash ... you’re absolutely not too old ... I created my first ‘Second Act’ in my 30’s and I’m creating a new one again in midlife)

Maybe you see a great opportunity that you know you’d love and be great at, something creative or innovative ... but you just don’t know where to start.

Or perhaps life has thrown you a big curveballs that have made you feel like you’ve run out of choices (divorce, loss, health issues). The honest truth is ... that’s just your brain trying to keep you safe which ends up keeping you stuck.


What we do...

The bad news is that the longer you stay stuck in your ‘Act One’ ... the farther away the next act can seem. Your confidence starts to dwindle and you feel like you’ve lost that spark that you were known for.

The good news is the spark is still there ... she’s just a little dusty and buried under some old negative beliefs and thought patterns that need to be examined and questioned. 

It’s really time to turn the page ... or better yet, close that book and get started on writing the sequel. That means living your life and following your big dream.

What do I know about Second Acts?  

Well for the past 25+ years I’ve worked on award winning (2 with Emmy nominations & 1 Academy Award) films & television programs. I’ve helped develop unique characters, added to the importance of the second act and used costumes to further the story development like it was my job ... ‘cause it was part of my job!    

And ... I’ve created my own major career shifts when I felt like I was just spinning my wheels and my work was owning me, instead of me making an important contribution and creating a legacy of my own work.


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The Second Act is where the story gets juicy! It begins when our leading lady does something really different and starts on a new path. I created the Second Act coaching program as a way to help women do exactly that and follow their Second Act in life. 

Working with me is a little different than with your typical Life Coach, because first of all I’m going to REALLY look at your life like it’s a movie and that you’re the #maincharacter. I want to know what your first act has been like, where you see yourself at the end of the movie and what needs to happen in the Second Act to get you there!

You may enter our time together like every other typical Hollywood actress.... Baggy sweatpants, oversized black sunglasses, sipping on some type of Venti Starbucks, trying to hide the fact that you’re actually brilliant ... but by the time we’re finished working together we’ll both see you as the Superstar you really are.