Your 12 Step Business Blueprint

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Get the Step-by-Step business Blueprint 

Dear Miss Millionaire

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Learn all the steps to create and grow your on-line service-based business in the 12 Step Business Blueprint 

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Dear Miss Millionaire

Learn how to make your first $2K; $10K; $20K and beyond

Find your profitable Niche

Create your unique Personal Brand and stand out online 

Offer the right services to your clients 

Build the online sales system that gets your services sold!

Find the right clients who are happy to hire you for your services

Structure your business so that you have more impact and profit, with less hustle and stress

Dear Miss Millionaire

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© 2019| Dear Miss Millionaire 


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Passion to Profits Blueprint

  • Get excited about creating your freedom-based online business
  • Learn how you can build wealth by helping other people with the skills you already have
  • See the step by step process to creating your business


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