Start Going For Your Dreams Today

How To Start Going For Your Dreams Today

Here’s a No-Fail 3-Step Plan for Going For Your Dreams

Do you have big dreams, wishing or thinking about all the great things you want in your life “someday”?

Let’s make that day today, okay!

Talking about the future and all the things you’re “going to do” is one of the ways we can sabotage ourselves into never doing anything at all.

A radical mindset shift is to realize that there is no such thing as the “future” … there is only ever “now”. Everything you ever do or will do happens in the “now”. (For deep insight into this concept, I highly recommend The Power of Now by Eckert Tolle .. one of the most life shifting books I’ve ever read).

There is a rich, full and wonderful life meant for you, but keeping yourself in “someday-land” means keeping yourself in fantasy-land. You’ve got to get into reality and take some action in order to achieve your dreams.

Thinking about doing something “someday” keeps it in the vague future. There is no real concrete action or movement towards bring your dream into reality. “Someday” never actually arrives and you can find that years and years go by and your dream remains a dream.

Dreams – Follow Your Heart

So how do you get rid of “someday”? Is all day-dreaming or wishing a bad thing?

No .. of course not. All great ideas begin with our dreams. Our desires and wishes are the spark of our future lives. They are the place where new reality is born. So honour your dreams and wishes, just don’t keep them as dreams.

This super simple 3-step process is a framework you can use anytime you find yourself saying “someday I’m going to ….”.

Step one – begin with your dream.

What is it that you’re wishing or imagining that you would like to accomplish or have in your life. What is in your heart? What is the dream or goal that you just can’t stop thinking about? Is there a picture or image you have in mind? A thought that just keeps repeating itself over and over again?

How Does It Feel?

Ask yourself a few questions about that dream…

Once that dream is realized, how would you actually feel? (…this is really the most important step … imagine how you would actually feel)

If you woke up “living” that dream, what would your day really look like?

Who would be with you?

What would you be doing each day?

How does it smell? What are the scents around you? Tastes? Sounds? Sights? Touch? … use all your senses.

Feel the feeling of living your dream as closely as you possibly can in your imagination.

Re-frame your dream around how you actually want to feel.

Ask yourself is your dream in fact something that you can create for yourself? If you have an idea of a certain person falling in love with you, or a particular company hiring you … you could very easily be disappointed if it doesn’t work out exactly the way you want. Shift your dream to having great love in your life, or dream of finding fulfilling and meaningful work. This way the realm of possibilities opens up and the Universe can begin to shift and bring your dream to you.

Think – Create a Plan

Step two is to think about an action plan. If you were going to accomplish this dream, what would you actually need to do to get it done? What are all the steps and milestones that are in between where you are now and where you want to go?

For example, if you want to find a great new relationship … you’d actually have to meet someone new. And in order to meet someone new … you’d actually have to go out. And in order to go out, you’d need a plan for a place or event to go to. And while you were at that place or event, you’d actually have to talk to new people. Maybe you’d want to think about a few topics that interest you, to have some stories to share with those new people. Or some questions to ask those new people that would open up your conversations.

You’re breaking out your dream into some really specific, very concrete steps, and then breaking out those steps until you get to a small specific action that you can do today.

Shift Into Do – Taking Action

Step three is “DO”. Get yourself into action. Take one of the steps from your plan, and implement it right now.


In this minute.

In this second.

Do something, anything, no matter how tiny to take some action on your dream.


Actions aligned with a dream are what turns wishes into reality. But actions don’t always need to be huge steps. In fact I prefer thinking of baby steps. Tiny, tiny steps that eliminate resistance and get us into action. A perfect baby step is something you can do in a minute or less … 5 minutes tops.

Because if you don’t have 5 minutes to work towards your dream, it’s never going to happen. And if it never happens, you’re going to rob yourself of a life well lived.

Know In Your Heart – This Life is Meant for Me

The life you dream of is meant for you. That dream, desire or vision of what you want is there for the taking, but you’ve got to start moving towards it.

Take a step right now … take a baby step. And then another and another.

Don’t give up on your dreams….make them them happen.

You’ve got this!

The World Needs You to Live Your Dream More Than Ever

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