Manifesting Money & Dream Clients

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Manifesting Money & Dream Clients

Have you been asking the Universe for money? or more dream clients?

Maybe you are manifesting money to pay bills or clear debts, or you want better clients than the ones you have right now.

Perhaps you want to feel more healthy and fit or you have the ultimate “better” goal and just want ‘more’ from life.

Whatever it is that you want, it’s just not happening – no ‘more’ money, no ‘better’ clients.

All that’s happening is you’re getting more of the same – the same kind of clients, the same amount of income, and maybe even more debt. In other words, more of the same type of situation that you’ve always had.

If this sounds like you and you’ve resolved to make things better, you’re probably going to start off by getting “to work” on getting this new better thing you want. Likely, you’re going to try really, really hard and give it your best shot. Often, we think this “buckle down and hustle” approach will work, but I’ve found that more often than not it just doesn’t.

Manifesting Money, Cori Burchell, Abundance Mindset

Here’s a simple solution.

Consider the possibility that you’re actually asking for the wrong thing.

In this situation ‘more’ and ‘better’ isn’t what you need.

Before you tell me I’m off my rocker, because you’re absolutely sure that “ … Cori, I really do need more money”, hear me out.

I propose you do 2 things.

Thing #1:

First of all, ask for a miracle instead of a solution. A solution is likely going to be something that you’ve thought up for yourself and that you’ve already decided is the best way to solve your problem. More than likely your solution will be bringing you more of the same because ‘solutions‘ come from the part of your brain that relies on past information. Your brain likes the easiest path to an answer.

What we’re after here is something significantly different.

What we’re asking for is a miracle.

We’re asking to shake things up with a ‘shift in perspective’, and that my friend is available to you right now, in an instant.

Thing #2:

Next, instead of asking for more money, for example, consider that maybe you already have enough. If you’re asking for more money, you’re probably hoping for or expecting an increase of income into your life. But have you been a good steward of the money you’ve already received? If you have ongoing debt the answer is probably no. The action you likely need to take is to sort out and improve your money management first.

Instead of asking for more, try taking extremely good care of the money you already have coming into your life.

That could mean creating a plan to manage and pay off your debt for real this time, or putting together a spending plan based on the money you currently have coming in.

The Coaching Math Formula

Try implementing my Coaching Math Formula.

It’s simple.

Input (the money you make) minus the output (savings, investments, expenses) always equals zero when you’re in perfect balance with the Universe.

If you’re dealing with a negative or a deficit, you’re out of balance and out of alignment with your money – and the Universe.

The Universe is saying, “Hey, I hear you. I hear that you want more money and better clients. But have you really been taking great care of what I already have given you?

Start treating what you have with gratitude, kindness and respect, with loving care and attention, and then I’ll think about showing up with something better.”

Start with the idea that what you have is already enough. Whether it’s more money, dream clients, or a healthier body that you want, you have everything you need.

You are enough. Love what you have, nurture it, and it will bloom.

Manifesting money, Cori Burchell, Abundant mindset

Take action:

For more goodness in your life, remember to focus on these three things.

  1. Express gratitude by making a plan to take extremely good care of what is already coming into your life. Start with the idea that what you have is already enough.
  2. Ask for a miracle. Look for that ‘shift in perspective’ that is available to you right now, in this moment.
  3. Use my coaching math formula and concentrate on adding positivity into your life. Add more leafy vegetables to your diet. Set aside more time for exercise if you want to be more healthy. Think of not spending as adding savings to your bank account. Take extra good care of your relationship with your current clients. Keep focusing on positive additions, not subtraction.

Finally, sit back and watch as your alignment with your money, your clients, your body, and the Universe, puts you back in the green.


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