Are your beliefs about money holding you back?

cori burchell

Are your beliefs about money holding you back?

It’s time to ask ourselves some important questions about our money beliefs.

I’ve been working with some amazing women this year … and I’m so proud of all that they’ve accomplished so far!  My clients have created new businesses, coaching practises, workshops and live events and retreats …  it’s been super exciting to work together for their success.

I’d love to hear about your ideas and plans too!  I invite you to book a business clarity call with me here.

One thing I’ve noticed is that no matter how successful we are in our businesses, your ‘money stories’ and ‘money mindset’ blocks can show up at every level.

Maybe you’ve noticed that as you move from beginner to more experienced coach and entrepreneur, you need to work on removing new money blocks in order to get to your next level of success.

When first beginning my entrepreneurial journey I heard these terms quite a bit but I wasn’t really sure exactly what all the fuss was about.    Maybe you feel the same way … so let’s dive into it here today.

Question #1 to ask yourself… “What is my money story?”  

There are 6 key areas that you’ll need to look at to to put together all the pieces of the money story puzzle and really define what your money story actually is, and how it helps you or blocks you.

Let’s talk about the first 3 today …. (and then we’ll continue on in part two next week)….


Our sense of identity tells us who we are and how we define ourselves. You might say, “I am a daughter” or “I am a good cook”  … but you also have a precisely defined identity around money and the level of income that you can create in your business.

When you desire to go beyond this level, you can become blocked until you work on and create a new identity for yourself.  

This is one of the main reasons we can struggle  … when we haven’t quite yet adopted the identity of a ‘successful business owner’ or ‘million dollar coach’ or even just calling ourselves an entrepreneur if we’re leaving a corporate job behind.


What do you believe about money and how it comes into your life and goes out of your life? Is it easy? Hard? A struggle? Simple? Quick? Good? Bad? What are the automatic thoughts that come up in your mind when you think about money?

Often these thoughts are not our original thinking, but remnants of old family paradigms and conversations; tales that your parents or grandparents told you about how life was when they were growing up and stories about your family history and heritage.  You may have heard and adopted these stories as a child without ever questioning whether they were actually true or not, and over time they became your beliefs about money.

The good news is that it is entirely possible to change your beliefs about money … in fact it can happen in an instant if you take a minute to challenge your thoughts.


As an entrepreneur and business owner, time is your most precious non-renewable resource.  

How do you value your time? Are you tackling the most important projects of the day and moving the needle on what you want to accomplish? Or are you filling your days with busy work and things that look good on paper, but don’t actually create income?  Being aware of how you spend this resource can tell you a lot about your success.

Take a minute and think about these mindset shifts. Ask yourself what it is that you really say to yourself about money in terms of your identity, your beliefs and your time.

I’ll be back again next week with more insights on this topic! I love teaching and sharing about money mindset, so look out for my next email in your inbox!

By the way, I’m curious … What is your biggest block when it comes to money? I’d love to hear from you … just hit reply and spill the beans!

It’s much more powerful to work through your mindset blocks with another person, which is where an intuitive and compassionate coach can really help.

Do you want to break through your current salary level, but need help confronting your money stories?

Book a complimentary business consultation call with me today and let’s get you on the road to success.

Till next time …

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