5 Secrets of Highly Successful Life Coaches

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5 Secrets of Highly Successful Life Coaches

I’ve been studying the secrets of highly successful life coaches, focusing on the rockstar female coaches who are crushing it in their business. In every industry, there’s always a select group of people who  stand out from the crowd and rise to rockstar status … and the life coaching industry is no exception.

As a female entrepreneur, I believe it’s especially important to study (and support) the women who are ahead of us and take clues from their habits and secrets to success.

My personal heros are Gina Devee, Brooke Castillo & Emily Williams. I admire these rockstars and they inspire me tremendously!

They’ve built astounding, multi-million dollar coaching businesses and are constantly expanding the very notion of what it means to be a successful rockstar life coach. 

As I’ve met them, worked with them or gone thru their programs, I’ve had the opportunity to see behind the scenes and learn a little bit about their secrets to success. 

They get so. much. done. 

Seriously … these ladies produce.  

So what are the 5 secrets of highly successful life coaches? How do they accomplish so much each week in their business?

Here’s what I know and have seen … and of course what I am putting into practise in my own life and business.

Secret #1 – Focus On The Right Thing

Rockstar coaches focus on their goals. They focus and think about where they want to go, what they want to do and the future. These coaches have really big goals too.

They do not focus on the problems, negative thinking, why they can’t do it, how hard it will be, or indulge in negative emotions.

And while they do know that doubts, fears and negative thoughts might come up … when they do they coach themselves and deal with it. Rockstar coaches examine their thoughts and feel the feelings but then they get into action on their goals.

Secret #2 Focus On Producing a Result

Rockstar coaches focus on producing. 

At the end of the day they want a result for their actions. 

The podcast is done, the manuscript is written, the blog post is done. They don’t spend their working/producing time ‘thinking about it’ or ‘researching’ or ‘studying’. 

If they need to research or study something, that time is scheduled in their calendar, but work time is their time to produce. It’s go time.

Secret #3 – Calendar Everything

None of the coaches I’ve worked with have a classic “To Do” list. EVERYTHING gets scheduled into their calendar. 

These women decide how much time they want to allot to their project and then that gets scheduled into their calendar. 

Get rid of your “To Do” list and embrace your calendar instead. Instead of limiting you, this can be the ultimate act of freedom to protect your time and design your life on your terms. 

Many new clients come to me wanting help with that illusive “work/life balance” and this is the place to start.

Secret #4 – Learn To Delegate

While they are all productive and work hard, that doesn’t mean they do everything themselves.

Highly successful life coaches are strategic about working from their strengths and only doing the things that are in their zone of genius, or the projects that only they can do for their business.

They’re the CEO of their business and they act like it. If a task or project is not the best use of her time, she delegates it to another person on her team.

These women delegate … a lot. They have support … a lot. And they don’t apologize or feel guilty about either. 

Plus, a ton of support in their personal lives …  cleaning ladies, personal shoppers, housekeepers, personal assistants and more.  

No guilt, no drama, and no shame about having support they need ever!

Secret #5 – Honour Your Calendar, No Matter What

You must honour your calendar.

Once you’ve scheduled that time, you must do what you said you were going to do, no matter how you feel about doing it in the moment. 

In fact, you can probably guarantee that when it’s time to record the podcast or write the blog post you likely won’t feel like doing it. 

Maybe you’ll suddenly develop an interest in doing the laundry or organizing your kitchen cupboards! 


These rockstar coaches have developed the skill of honouring their commitments to themselves. If they say they’re going to do something, they do it. No excuses allowed.

If they said Tuesday morning is the time they’ll be writing their blog post or recording their podcast, that is exactly what they do at that time.

NLP (neuro linguistic programming) is also a great tool for honouring your commitments as a coach. You can learn more about NLP from the inlp Centre. Click Here to learn more.

There you have it. Which secret are you going to implement in your life right away? 

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