How to Get Clarity Even When You’re Feeling Stuck

cori burchell


When I was in my early 20’s, I worked for Estee Lauder Cosmetics as the Client Producer of their television commercials (think fun trips to New York City, dinners out, expense accounts!!).

Once I stepped onto my first ‘sound stage’ (basically a huge sound proof warehouse with black walls) and experienced the intense focus of a television commercial shoot for a luxury cosmetic product – I was hooked.

I also became 1000% clear that I was not meant for the corporate world!


The freelance design and style world became like a magnet to me and I quickly figured out how to make a whole new career and life for myself. (I’ve worn jeans to work ever since … maybe that was the big attraction for me! lol).

In other words … I got CLARITY!

If you’ve got a dream, goal or project that you’ve been thinking about but not taking any action towards, a lack of clarity might just be your problem.

Because once you are crystal clear about what you want, your action steps … and the motivation and energy to achieve them, are obvious.

There isn’t any “pushing” or forcing things to be – you just dive in and get to it.

cori burchell


I’d thought I’d share a few coaching tips today, to help you get the clarity you need to move forward in your business.

Ask yourself these questions (ideally write the answers out in your journal) …

  1. Who would you become if you took the step you’ve been thinking about taking?
  2. What is the outcome you want for your week? month? year?
  3. What is your Intention for the week? month? year?
  4. What is this lack of clarity costing you? Financially? Emotionally? Physically?
  5. What do you really want? (Get super specific – for example, if you want you want a vacation, then drill down … where? what country, what city? for how long? where would you stay? how would you get there?

Uncover the fear that’s keeping you in uncertainty. Where are you keeping yourself “safe” by not making the decision to be clear.


If you’re not into journaling, look around your home and pick one are to de-clutter in order to release some of the trapped life energy. Lack of clarity can show up in all kinds of areas of our life:

  • through clutter in our homes
  • through a mis-mash of clothing in our closets
  • with stacks of papers or unfinished projects on your desk
  • a cluttered fridge or pantry


To summarize, if you’re not clear you won’t move forward. Work on these steps to gain more clarity in your life today.

  1. PIck a goal you want to achieve
  2. Decide on your intention
  3. Drill down and get super specific
  4. Ask yourself how staying unclear is keeping you safe … and stuck
  5. Declutter your home or office (or both)
  6. Answer the journaling questions above.

I help my clients who want to start or grow their business to 6 figures and beyond, get clear and out of confusion. If your business isn’t moving forward and your feeling confused, let’s chat. 

how to get clarity


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