What Is Your Desire?

What's Your Desire?

Do you know exactly what you want out of life?

Strangely, most women don’t.  We often have vague desires or goals for ourselves but when it comes down to the specifics we’re a little foggy.  Or, we’re super clear on our families desires – and put those dreams ahead of our own.

It’s time to change that.

Today is part one of my “Desire” series and we’re going to get really detailed, specific and focused.  Take a moment today for some dreaming and to get really clear on what you actually desire for your life.

“ Directed faith is not a vague, hazy, wishful yearning.  It is a powerful belief of expectancy that causes the Universe to send us wonderful things”.  – Edwene Gaines

Pick one dream or desire that you have and let’s break it down and get specific.  Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Get into the details and create your desire as if it were really about to happen.  For example instead of saying “I’d like to go on a vacation”, drill down and imagine your ticket is in your hand.  Where exactly are you going?  How are you getting there – plane? train? car?   What hotel are you staying at?  What sites will you see?  What travel guides do you have packed?  Will you take one suitcase or two?
  2. If you’re thinking about a specific sum of money, what is that money going to be used for? Break it down dollar by dollar with real values.  In the vacation example you would need to research how much is the plane ticket?  What’s the rate per night at the resort?  Do you need any money for food? entertainment? shopping?  What else?  Account for each dollar.
  3. Don’t limit yourself or get into “practical reality” right now.  If you shut down your dream with thoughts like “ … that’s fun, but that’s never going to happen” … guess what, it won’t.  So for today, for this exercise make it fun, light and allow the possibility of this dream vacation to settle into your soul without a filter.  Have fun with the thought of it and let it feel really, really good to you.

I’d love to hear about your dreams and of course, to support you in getting them off the page and into reality.  That’s the power of my VIP one-on-one private coaching.

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