How to manifest everything you need!

success coach, Cori Burchell

success coach, Cori Burchell

How would you show up in the world if you imagined and believed that the Universe really had your back … all the time, everyday and in every way?

How do you manifest everything you need?

I wanted to share a great story of this mindset with you today, from one of the women in my coaching program.

She really knows how to manifest and never doubts that the Universe is going to provide what she needs, when she needs it.

She was recently working on her new website and had her photo shoot planned on a spring day in Paris. It looked like it might rain, but the photo shoot had to go ahead as planned.

After she got ready … hair, makeup and great outfit … the works … she was ready to leave and her husband asked if he should grab an umbrella. She thought about it for half a second … after all, a rain storm would ruin the hair/makeup extravaganza … and said NO, we don’t need to take an umbrella … the Universe will provide a solution for us if we need it.

They headed out the door and started on the photo shoot in various locations at gorgeous historical buildings in Paris!

When they got to their final location and were setting up they noticed a black umbrella left behind, but no one was around to claim it. A few minutes later it began to gently rain and they had exactly what they needed!

But guess what … that’s not the first time she’s manifested an umbrella! On her first photo shoot in London a red umbrella appeared in the same way and became an integral part of her first photo shoot and also her brand.

Amazing right!

How would your day change if you left the details up to the Universe? If you got so clear about what you needed everyday and just left the “hows” to the Universe? If you trusted that the Universe knows how to manifest exactly what you need, when you need it?

The Universe wants what we want and it wants us to be happy and fulfilled, even more than we do.

The Universe always says YES!

I would love to work with you to get so super clear on your desires that the Universe can’t help but support you in achieving them. Click here to set up your discovery session for One-On-One Success and Life Coaching!


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