How To Make Your Money Mindset Work For You

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How To Make Your Money Mindset Work For You

Let me ask you a question.

Do you think working on your mindset will help you create more income in your business?

From my experience working with female entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants and healers I can confidently say the answer is YES! It’s one of the most important aspects to running a successful business.

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In part one of this money mindset series, we started talking about our “money story” so let’s dive deeper today.

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I adore working on money mindset with female entrepreneurs because when a woman gets really clear on the value and worth of her services and programs, big things happen in her business and income.

For myself, I went from struggling and deeply unsatisfied with my income in my corporate job to becoming a financially successful coach and entrepreneur.

The best thing is that once you master your money mindset, you’ll unlock the key to more financial success and income in any area you choose, whether that’s your own business or your corporate job.  


Developing your positive money story is the skill that will take you to higher and higher levels of personal development and financial success!


100% of my clients are women and when we begin working together, most women struggle with recognizing and owning the value they bring to their work.

We women are chronic ‘under valuers’.  Can you relate to this?

Are you an amazing, insightful coach, teacher, healer or consultant? Are you someone who creates big transformational shifts in your clients lives, yet you tend to downplay this?

The bad news is that this leads to undercharging and not feeling comfortable when you have a financial conversation with a prospective client.

The good news is that when you really see, hear and feel the impact that your work is making in the world, you will truly understand that changing someone’s life for the better is the most valuable and powerful work you can do.  

Consider the incredible ripple effect when more and more women gain confidence and financial independence, passing this on to generation after generation all over the world!


Have you ever taken a moment to really listen to that voice inside your head?

Is it usually pretty negative?

If so, congratulations! That’s totally normal. In fact, our brain is wired with this negative bias, because that keeps us ‘safe’ and ‘comfortable’.  

Our brain LOVES safe and comfortable. Our brain desires for everything to remain the same, and will fill our minds with whatever language is necessary to keep things from changing.

So if you’ve struggled with harnessing your mind and negative self talk, you can relax a bit and have some compassion for that “reptilian” brain of yours … it’s just trying to keep you safe.  

That doesn’t mean it’s right, and it certainly doesn’t mean you need to listen.  Just be aware that this is a natural bias … and then learn how to calm that brain of yours down.


With a bit of focused and repetitive self-talk, affirmations, mantras, and visualizations you can turn that negative self-talk around and create a new positive reality for yourself.  It can be as simple as that … but often my clients don’t believe that the ‘answer’ they’ve been searching for is in their mindset work….so they don’t do it. 

You can create a brand new money story and new perspective for who you want to be.  You can see yourself as the woman you wish to become and then make your choices and decisions from that place.

As you step into the new version of yourself you’ll learn to trust and value yourself.  

Your self worth will increase.  

Your net worth will increase.

You’ll create your “new normal”.  

The key is to practise these new thoughts over and over and over.

Think about that phrase for a moment.  

If your life as it is right now is your “normal” … who do you want to be in your “new normal”? 

Take a few moments today to journal on this question: Who do I want to be in my “new normal”?

Do you want to break through your money story and reach your income goals?

I know you can do it!  Click HERE to schedule THE EXTRAORDINARY LIFE consultation call with me today and let’s get you on the road to success.

Till next time …


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