5 Signs of an Unhealthy Mind

cori burchell

Statiscally speaking, most of us will not actually get the Coronavirus.

Most of us will not get sick during this pandemic and most of us will not die from the virus.

However, most of us WILL be affected by the virus in some way.

As a Life Coach, the way that I see the biggest effect is that myself and my clients are seeing very clearly where we have an “unhealthy mind”.

Here are 5 Signs of an Unhealthy Mind … and what to do about them.


The very first sign of an unhealthy mind is not being aware of what it is that you’re thinking.

Awareness of your thoughts is the first step of all powerful transformational coaching.

You can’t change something if you’re not aware that it’s a problem.

Sometimes this is easier said than done … because we are like a fish in water.

We don’t actually realize that we’re thinking … incorrectly assuming that we are ‘being’ in the circumstances of our life. We think that we “are” our thoughts.

Because we think that we have no control over what we are thinking … which isn’t true.

Especially right now, we think we have no control over our thoughts about something as serious as the current global pandemic.

Tip: Become aware of your thoughts as if each thought were a placard being carried by someone in a parade.

Vizualize those thoughts in your mind, marching along. There goes a thought. There goes another one, and another one.

See each thought in your mind for what it is … just a sentence in a thought parade and become gradually you will become aware of your thinking.


Sign # 2 of an unhealthy mind is to not being aware of your feelings.

The solution is to be able to feel all the waves of emotion and feeling that come over us, not matter what.

This can be extremely difficult for many people to categorize … but you can start with “mad/glad/sad/bad”.

Put however you are feeling into one of those categories if you find it difficult to aware of your feelings.

Think about the sensations in your body when you have the feeling.

Does it live in your stomach? your throat? or your chest? What kind of sensation is it … a tightening? a hot flush? a tingling?

Try to associate a sensation with your feelings and locate them in your body.


You can’t have a feeling unless you’ve had a thought about it first. All of our emotions and feelings are created by our thoughts.

After you’ve identified the feeling you’re having or the sensation in your body, ask yourself “what thought did I have to create this feeling”.

See if you can pinpoint the exact and specific thought that created the emotion.

It’s very beneficial to work through this process with a life coach.

Sign up for a Mini Session with me and we’ll go thru the ‘Before and After Process’ to help you understand this. (Click here to sign up).


Thoughts become things.

Every time you think any thought, your brain creates a tiny neural pathway to that thought.

The more emotion you feel about the thought the more that pathway is built up and built up and built up.

Negative thoughts that we indulge in can sound obsessive, like a broken record spinning over and over again in our minds.

Or going down a “what if … ” rabbit hole with no clear answer or solution.


In my coaching practise I call avoid emotions by seeking false pleasures “buffering”.

That can look like overeating, overdrinking, or taking drugs.

Really too much of anything can become a false pleasure … even things that are seemingly good for you like reading or watching personal development videos.

If you’re doing it to avoid something else, this becomes a behaviour that is a signal of an unhealthy mind.

If you find that you’ve identified with one or more of these signs, don’t panic.

Most of us can go through one or more of these steps in a single day.

The most important thing is to not get stuck in unhealthy mind habits … and to exercise your brain like you would any other muscle in your body.

Get coaching or work with a qualified therapist to help you take the first step to awareness.

Learn more about how to work with me in my 1:1 private coaching program where I help women become aware of their thoughts, feelings and emotions around creating their online businesses.

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Work on being aware that an unhealthy mind is the cause of your negative thoughts and feelings and you can change this.

If you’re struggling with your negative thoughts and emotions and are willing to be done with the struggle, then I encourage you to book an Extraordinary Life consultation call.

Let’s create a before and after plan for your mind. You’ll come away with a clear understanding of how your mind is holding you back.  I’ll also teach you a powerful tool to help you manage your brain and improve your mental health so you can take back control of your thoughts.

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